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The Story Of Finna Elska

The story of Finna Elska has humble yet important roots that go much deeper than fashion itself. Finna Elska was started by a dedicated entrepreneur and their dog searching for a way to have the biggest impact possible on the world. This simple and broad mission has brought a purpose to dresses and woman's fashion like no other company has been able to bring before.

Remember that time when you looked in the mirror after you put together a cute outfit or an adorable dress and thought "Damn I look hot" and you had that warm feeling in your chest? I bet the rest of the day you were happier than normal and smiled more and generally had a great day. Maybe that feeling even carried on for a few days or maybe even a few weeks.

We want you to have that feeling every day of your life because we understand that happiness is contagious. We know that just making one person happy is amazing but making one person happy does not stop there. That one person will go out and smile at more people and spread their happiness to everyone they meet making 10 more people happy every day they have that warm, happy confidence within them.

We truly believe that we can change the world through our dresses by making you and woman like yourself see just how beautiful you are and helping you build the confidence and self-belief that you deserve to have. We have seen this happiness and self-love spread to relationships and to families making relationships more passionate and families closer and more loving simply due to individuals having higher self-confidence and self-love.

With love,

The Finna Elska Team


Our Guiding Statments

VISION STATEMENT: To make society a happier and more loving place.

MISSION STATEMENT: To foster confidence and self-love through looking your best.