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The Luv Project

The Issues That We Are Solving

Throughout the world, there are children growing up in developing nations who will unfortunately never have the opportunity to attend school due to violent conflict, economic instability, or for cultural reasons such as not allowing girls and women to attend school. This puts these individuals at a significant disadvantage in life as missing a basic education makes everyday tasks much harder. Things that we take for granted like the ability to read, write, and perform basic mathematics have been proven to have giant positive impacts on developing countries.

The second issue that we are targeting is the massive levels of economic instability in these same regions. Some countries in the middle east have unemployment levels estimated to be above 60% of the population being out of work. This is an issue that we view as being just as important as the lack of schools.

Why Is This Issue Important

Some of these positive impacts are obvious like when people learn basic mathematics they can have more efficient farming practices and more effectively manage and sell their crops. Some benefits are not so obvious like reduced overpopulation, which has massive impacts on the spread of disease and drastically impacts food shortages and malnourishment. When small and large issues can be tackled by fixing two simple issues, basic education and jobs for the adults, it was a no-brainer for us to have this be the main focus of our company.

What We Are Doing To Solve This Issue

As you know, at Luv Stitch we allocate profits to our charitable projects and at the moment we are generating funds to build schools, buy school supplies and uniforms for school children in developing nations which otherwise would not be able to go to school. These schools are state of the art learning facilities staffed by professional teachers and will teach K-12 and have classes tailored to the country in which it is built. Some of these classes will include Agriculture, Farming Economics & Business, Animal Science as well as the basic K-12 classes like Math, Science, English Foreign Language and many others.

We also aim to bring our textile jobs into the 3rd world and support the adults of this area and then build schools to support and lift up the children of those same communities. Bringing more economic stability and higher levels of education to the people who need it the most supporting this generation and then having the next generation be able to obtain more technical and higher paying jobs bringing exponential growth and stability to these regions.

Not for profits rely on donations and therefore, generally, do not generate enough funds to make a large impact on the issue they are working to solve. We are combining business and charity to make a larger impact on the world than anyone else has been able to have before us. Imagine the impact on the world other businesses could have if they took the same approach that we at Finna Elska are doing and put 100% of our profits towards our charitable cause? The issues would be solved in a matter of years instead of taking lifetimes relying on others to simply donate.

How You Can Help

The easiest way for you to support our charitable programs is to simply purchase a dress for yourself, a loved one or a friend. If you are not in the market for a new dress then simply sharing our message and company with friends and family can help a lot as well. If you have a social media following supporting our mission is always appreciated and if you are interested in collaborating on a project we would love to hear from you and you can email us at and let us know what you have in mind.


Thank you so much for checking us out and we appreciate your support!


-Luv Stitch Crew <3